Who we are


RR Engineering & Consulting S.A. provides professional services and independent engineering expertise to industries, developers and construction firms. Founded in 2011 on the idea of bringing Quality, Innovation and Sustainability to every project. Our team is comprised of professionals in a wide variety of disciplines and specialties, which guarantees and ensures effective project delivery.

Its Founder

Ricardo Rohrmoser graduated from the Technological University of Panama and completed a Master of Science Degree in Energy Systems from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany.

As a professional Electromechanical Engineer, Ricardo has acquired a broad knowledge and experience in both electrical and mechanical fields. His studies and research have focused on both renewable and conventional energy systems, energy efficiency, sustainable energy techniques and energy economics.

As a project manager in Germany, Ricardo worked on the development of Medium and Large Scale Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plants. His duties included the planning, development and commissioning of Photovoltaic System Projects.